Article: What Makes Good Delivery

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Everyone likes delivery, right? You can just chill at home, watch Netflix, and relax as your favourite food comes right to your door. But sometimes, delivery can surprise us. Sometimes, when you receive your food, it can be cold, or all jumbled up. So, what does makes good delivery?

Good delivery is, seeing a super amazing picture of something you order (whether paper flyer or app) , and when it arrives to your door, it doesn’t come looking like that picture you saw, but instead:

  •  looks extremely soggy
  • smells utterly disgusting
  • tastes three days old
  • the portions so much smaller than the image
  • it’s someone else’s order
  • it’s missing basic utensils (straws, forks, chopsticks, etc.)

Feel free to share your horror stories about food delivery. I’d love to know.

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