Reviews: Mocha Ice Cream Pie at Kelseys

AKT Rating: 4 WOWS!

Every time my family and I travel to Canada, we always make a point to go the the restaurant Kelsey’s that’s near my grandparents’ house.

And after we had just finished an amazing lunch , we decided to get dessert. I ordered this amazing Mocha Ice Cream Pie, and my whole family and I LOVED it.

This dessert was absolutely amazing. It had the cold sweetness of the ice cream, and the crunchy chocolatey crust that was just the perfect combo. But, as delicious as this pie was, it was a bit too large to finish, and extremely sweet. It also included these chocolate fish inside, which were tasty, but unexpected.

If you’re in Canada, or even in the U.S., I suggest trying a Kelsey’s near you:

mocha icecream pie (blog

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