Review: Canada’s Wonderland Funnel Cake

Canada’s Wonderland AKT Rating: 5 WOWS! 

Canada’s Wonderland Funnel Cake AKT Rating:  3 WOWS! 

Every single year, my aunt and I go to one of the biggest attractions in Toronto, Canada: Canada’s Wonderland. I love coming here, and experiencing all the thrilling roller coasters! 

Aside from the roller coasters though, Canada’s Wonderland has an assortment of places to get sugary snacks if you ever need a quick bite. 

Naturally, we too got hungry. So, we decided to pick up a funnel cake, since who doesn’t love funnel cake?!?!? We went for a plain one with loads of powdered sugar. When I ripped off a piece, I discovered that it was just ok. It wasn’t the best funnel cake I’ve ever tasted. To be honest, it actually didn’t have the traditional funnel cake flavor that the entire world knows and absolutely loves. I was a little disappointed. 😦

Funnel Cake Fries How To Make | Funny Cakes

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