Review: Manville Theater Reading Cinemas Popcorn

AKT Rating: 5 WOWS!

When going to the movies, the classic, most frequently-bought snack is the popcorn. And today, on a trip to the Manville Theater Reading Cinema, I tried their popcorn. So, I bought a large bag of popcorn to share with my mom (sadly) and to be honest, I ended up eating most of it. In other words, I LOVED IT! Even though it’s technically the plain, normal popcorn you would buy at the movie theater, it had a few key elements to it that made it different from the rest.

Firstly, the popcorn didn’t have that weird burnt flavor that some popcorn’s have, which automatically made it a win. Second, it wasn’t too buttery. Sometimes the popcorn can taste really really good, but just have a little too much butter. This popcorn didn’t have that though. It was the perfect popcorn. When you come up to New Jersey, hit the movies to get a taste of this delicious popcorn.


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