Review: P.F. Chang

AKT Rating: 4 WOWS!

Today, I went to P.F. Chang. One of the most delicious Chinese places EVER! My favorite item that we ordered had to be, the Honey Crispy Chicken. I’m being a bit honest with you, that the first bite you will ever take, is, kinda weird. It’s sweet, but REALLY spicy, and hot in temperature, let me slow down here.

First of all, it’s really sweet. I am personally not a honey lover, but, I have to admit, this was IT. It was like, the ultimate honey meal. It had honey in it, but it didn’t taste like it did, but it DID, and it was sweet, and nice, and sooooo amazing. But, all of this nonsense is only to be understood if you’re like me. The kind of person that believes that there are TONS of emotions packed into just one teeny plate of food. But, for the average human, who wouldn’t understand what it’s like to have opposites in the same food, here’s the explanation: there’s a lot of sweet flavors in this meal, and that just makes it what it is.

Next, It’s spicy. The first bite, you feel: O.M.G this is sooooooo hot! and: wow, this is soooooo good! So, I’m not sure how to explain this one. But, all I can say, is that, it’s absolutely amazing, and not that good for those who aren’t in love with spice.

As delicious as this is, you might want to slow down your inner sloppy eating pig, and wait a couple minutes for this to cool, because all these flavors and temperatures are kinda a lot for your tiny taste buds to handle. (and trust me, i know how it feels to have to wait when you’re inner sloppy eating pig just wants to dig into that good looking, mouth watering grub.

So, I hope this hasn’t been put on your “read later” list, (I’m very sorry if it has). But, I really hope that you check out P.F. Chang. Because, it. Is. Off. The. HOOK!



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