Review: Maschio’s Food

AKT Rating: 0 WOWS! 

Ok, so you might think I’m being a bit harsh. But have you TRIED Maschio’s? The hotdog buns are soggy, the broccoli smells like it was just peed on by a dog and spritzed with lemon juice, and to be quite honest, the food is so bad, that when I end up buying lunch, I have to live off of a bag of chips and an ice cream sandwich! Ok, you’ve heard the start of it: the food is bad, yes so  let’s get a little personal here with examples from my own experience and my friends.

Firstly I should tell you that Maschio is catering service that provides food for just about all the schools I know im my local area… and there’s a lot schools in my hometown in New Jersey, not to mention a lot of kids and a whole lots of eating happening.

So, I remember that they once had brought a new item on the menu: sweet and sour chicken. That day, I happened to be buying. So, I was all like: “Ok, I’m just going to see what this is all about! Sweet and sour chicken! How bad can that be!” Really bad. What it was was what they call a chicken nugget with TOMATO SAUCE on the top. I mean come on. This is supposed to be sweet and sour, not the capital of  Italy!

Next, I remember asking some of my friends what they think of this place. And, one of my friends told me that she bought a BEC (bacon egg and cheese) sandwich. I mean, again. How bad can that be. Right? WRONG! When she opened it up, on the egg, there was MOLD! Smack, dab, in the egg. Then, she returned it to the cafeteria, and asked for a new one. And guess what was in the new one. MOLD. And even more of it. Ok, this has to be the absolute worst thing ever. Who wants MOLD on their egg!

Ok. I think we’ve gotten to the point where the world needs to learn about Maschio’s “delicious” pizza. It’s tomato sauce and bread, (ok, the usual! not too bad), and a huge blob of white cheese in the middle of the slice that looks like it was from an expired can. Ok, I get that this is the cheapest food brand, but can they at least CARE for the food? I’m surprised not one’s gotten food poisoning yet. Or maybe kids have and they pasted it off as another virus or flu going around?

And don’t even get me STARTED on the grilled cheese! (Ok, you got me started) So, I once again remember the moment in time where I bought from Maschio’s. I asked one of my friends how the grilled cheese would be, just because she buys lunch every day. She told me it was ok. So, trusting her advice, I went ahead and bought it. Taking a bite out of that was the biggest mistake in my life. I immediately spit it out in a napkin, and tried it in the tomato soup it came with. SECOND biggest mistake I have ever made. Again, I spit it out in a napkin, and tried the tomato soup, ALONE. That tasted like warmed up and pureed tomato sauce.

Though they try to portrait themselves as HEALTHY! The examples from me and other students can make it clear that I expect that receive more complaints than complements.

Most sadly, they don’t even have half the stuff they put on the front page of the website:


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