Review: Sahara

AKT Rating: 5 WOWS!

I have been coming to the restaurant Sahara since I was a baby. The food is amazing, the service is incredible, WHAT MORE COULD YOU WISH FOR!

To start you off, they serve you with pita bread that was cooked in their brick oven. A fresh piece of fluffy bread sprinkled with black and white sesame seeds, and put together with love.

My family and I prefer to enjoy it with the House Hummus on the menu. a nice smooth slater of hummus on a plate topped with all kinds of spices and other toppings! But, pretty much any entree you pick off the menu, it’s a fast flight to heaven.

I personally enjoy the Margherita Flatbread. But, as hot as it may be, eat it while it’s letting off steam or you might not like it cold. But, that might just me and my undecided love for pizza.

When you first walk in, it’s everything you could wish for as a traveler, but, in a restaurant. Elegant paintings on the ceilings and walls that transport you magically to those places that you never thought you’d live.

I personally think you should definitely try it out, because not just the delicious food will change your life!

Click here to see the website.

Image result for sahara restaurant food

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