Have You Ever… Spotted the PERFECT Fry?

I recently ordered a medium pack of delicious french fries from Wendy’s and as I was chomping down that salty goodness, I saw it… THE PERFECT FRY!

  • Straight with a small amount of wave (no more than 2 degrees of curvature)
  • Skinny and slightly fat (no less or more than 7 millimeters)
  • Medium length (no more or less than 9 centimeters long)
  • Lightly salted (you can taste it, but crystals cannot be seen with the naked eye)
  • Golden with no hints of brown
  • Stiff (unfloppy when waved)
  • Must be able to sustain maximal ketchup when dipped
  • Should not crumble when bent


When eating the perfect fry, take big bites, alternating from top and bottom.

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