Review: Whole Foods

AKT Rating: 4 WOWS!

Address: 319 Chimney Rock Rd, Bridgewater, NJ, 08807

A few weeks ago, I had gone to Whole Foods to experience not only the wonders of a new grocery store, but to try out the food I had heard so much about from my mom. When I went, I had tried a delicious pizza. On it had buffalo chicken, and chives. After destroying this masterpiece, I had tried some of the hibachi noodles. I loves the concept, just hated how they were cold.  I just recently went back again, and this time picked out some chicken wontons. As delicious as they were, they were cold, and kind of hard. Maybe, I would have liked them to be hotter…. Both times that I had went I had a bottle of Bai: Panama Peach Antioxidant Infusion. Now if you haven’t tried this already, it’s a must have. Delicious, and very healthy for your skin. I also had tried some of their mochi japanese ice cream. DELICIOUS, and, once again, a must have.  Though Whole Foods has some definite Food-Faults, they are definitely worth checking out.

Image result for whole foods bridgewater

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