Review: Flocafe

AKT Rating: 4 WOWS!!!

While I was on my shopping spree at the Athens, Greece mall, my aunt and I went to Flocafe to get a quick drink. At this pristine coffee shoppe, I ordered a sparkling lemonade slushie. This delicious slushie was a quick drink (since I do happen to have a slushie obsession). This refreshing drink was minty and sweet, and made the perfect thing for a hot and sunny day. Having a sip out of my mom’s coffee, it was delicious. And as a kid, I don’t like coffee at all. This drinks were absolutely perfect, but what about the place itself? The place was clean and nice, and had a modern touch to it. It was kind of dark, but the fact that there was no set door made it feel bright and open. Additionally, as a small little appetizer, they gave out little cookies that really eased you into your meal or drink.

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