Review: Playa Bowls


AKT Rating: 2 WOWS!

A few days ago, I practically begged my mom to take my to Playa Bowls. I had seen cute pictures of it online, and I had also heard so many great stories about their amazing food. Once we pulled into the busy parking lot, I was so excited to finally try the infamous Playa Bowls for the first time. My mom, sister and I walked into Playa Bowls, and we were instantly greeted by two friends who were staring us down like we weren’t supposed to be in there and ruined their fun. And this was only the beginning.

We had never been to Playa Bowls before, so naturally my mom told that to the lady working there, and we took a very long time to order. During that whole process, the lady at the cashier kept asking us, “Are you ready?” when it was very obvious that we were still deciding. After deciding and realizing that almost nothing on the menu was nut free, I had settled on a Pura Vida. We paid and the lady said that she would call our names when the bowl was ready. We waited, and they never called my name. One of the girls working there who wasn’t there when my order was being taken, asked if I had ordered a Pura Vida, and I said yes. No name calling or anything! This had to be one of the most confusing orders I’d ever had! When I got my food and a spoon, we went across the street to a pizza place to get my mom and sister some food.

As I started snacking on my bowl, I realized that a lot of ingredients that I thought that this bowl was free of, were in there. Like, I thought that Pura Vida was a nut-free option, yet, it had a thick layer of Nutella between the fruit and the acai. Now, looking back at the menu, I think that I accidentally picked up someone else’s order. But the girl specifically gestured to me that the order on the counter was mine!

But, I really could only finish half, so I brought the rest home. After about three days of sitting in the fridge, I thought for sure that it would have gotten somewhat rotten, yet, the acai was as swishy and goopy as ever, and it still smelled appetizing!

Though this place’s customer service is really bad, and the food doesn’t taste that good, and there really aren’t any options for people allergic to nuts, the packaging and store design was actually very appealing! It was modern and very true to the vibe of the the store-not the vibe that the employees gave off :)! To be honest, even though I didn’t like the food or the people, I would actually give it a second chance (at a different location) for the cute packaging it came with and some of the other options like juices and smoothies.

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