Ithaca Trip Review Part 1: Agava

My family and I recently took a three-day trip to the city of Ithaca. It’s home to Ithaca College and Cornell University, so naturally as a college town, it was bound to have some good eats.

On our first day in the city, we ate at Agava. Agava is said to focus on “farm-to-table cuisine” and “the well-being of [their] customers”. When eating at this popular restaurant, it’s clear that they strove to stay true to these values. Agava had many vegan and vegetarian options available, and some gluten-free choices as well. On their menus, they have a list of farms that they receive produce from, proving that they pride themselves on having good, nourishing, and healthy food for us to enjoy.

At Agava, I ordered the Black Bean Burger that includes lime crema, poblano pepper and hand-cut fries. This was my first time trying a black bean burger, and I was thoroughly surprised that it actually tasted quite delicious! I’m not sure if black bean burgers are typically vegetarian and vegan friendly, but because of the name, I assumed that it was. After checking the menu once more though, I realize that it actually is not vegetarian and vegan friendly, and that the beans are mixed into the meat to create the burger patty. Burger-wise, this was the only thing I felt the need to comment on. The fries that came with the burger were also very tasty, and my sister and I really enjoyed them. They had a crisp outside, while the potato inside was nice and squishy. My sister is very picky about her french fries, but I remember that she absolutely loved these ones.

Overall, I really enjoyed the Black Bean Burger that Agava had on their menu. I wish that they stayed a bit truer to the name, and made it vegan and vegetarian friendly (and made the patty entirely out of beans). But overlooking this, next time my family and I take a trip back to Agava, I’m definitely re-ordering this meal.

Here is the link to the Agava website:

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