Ithaca Trip Review Part 3: Purity Ice Cream Co.


On our first day in Ithaca after our filling meal at Agava, my family wanted to stop off for a nice treat. After doing a bit of research on Google for the best ice cream places in the area, we stumbled upon Purity Ice Cream. This ice cream parlor has gotten many high ratings over the years, since it first opened in the early 1900s. In 1936, it was named the “Ice Cream of the Finger Lakes”. Since then, they have evolved to not only serve ice cream, but to also offer breakfast, lunch, ice cream cakes, other sweet treats, and coffee.

Purity Ice Cream has an extensive amount of ice cream flavors, and cool combinations. And though it would’ve been great to try them all, I played it safe and got one scoop of Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, along with another scoop of Strawberry. As described on the menu, The Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough was “packed with cookie dough and chocolate chunks”, and the Strawberry was “strawberry ice cream with [strawberry] puree”. I have to say, I was not expecting the quantity I was served. The two scoops I was given went well over the top of the small cup I ordered. And this was definitely a pleasant surprise! I was struggling to finish the whole cup, but I believe that says more about my ice cream-eating abilities. This ice cream was definitely VERY tasty, but I did find the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough a bit overly sweet (once again, this could just be a reflection of how infrequently I eat at ice cream parlors, though). Even if you’re not a fan of super-sweet desserts, I do recommend trying flavors such as the Green Tea, the Strawberry, or other less-adventurous blends.

Nonetheless, I did enjoy trying Purity’s ice cream, and seeing if it lived up to all the positive things being said about it. As mentioned, it definitely did. Next time my family and I take a trip to Ithaca, I hope we stop off at Purity Ice Cream again. And maybe next time I’ll be adventurous enough to try a few of the more far-fetched flavors.

Here’s the link to the Purity Ice Cream website:

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