Ithaca Trip Review Part 4: Sumo

On our second day in Ithaca, my family and I went to Sumo. Sumo is a Japanese restaurant which gives you access to sushi, hibachi, and a bar. It had been about 4 years since the last time my family and I had hibachi at Sumo, so we thought it would be interesting to bring back those memories.

Before we got started with the hibachi, we ordered some gyozas. As the Sumo website states, they were “pan fried pork dumplings”. I love gyozas, so I may be biased, but I have to admit that these gyozas were very delicious. The filling was flavorful, while the doughy skin was fried just enough to make a “crunch” sound as you bit into it.

As far as the hibachi goes, the show was very exciting, and I forgot just how intense the experience is. Being so close to fire is exhilarating! I ended up ordering the Hibachi Steak, after having a long debate whether or not I should get the Hibachi Shrimp. I believe I made the right decision. What my parents ordered came with a bit of shrimp, so I got to try the shrimp regardless. It didn’t taste as good as I would have hoped, which was surprising because I usually really love shrimps. The Hibachi Steak was so much better in my opinion, since it was quite juicy and soft. The Hibachi Steak also came with fried rice, a set of vegetables, and some pasta marinated with the juices of all the other foods. Out of these three, I found the fried rice to be the most delicious of all.

Overall, my family and I really enjoyed what Sumo had to offer with Hibachi, and I can’t wait to come back!

Here’s the link to Sumo’s website:

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