Ithaca Trip Review Part 5: The Mahogany Grill


On our last day in Ithaca, New York, my family and I ate at the Mahogany Grill. The Mahogany Grill is located in downtown Ithaca in The Commons area, and is very popular among college students and Ithaca locals. This steakhouse focuses on serving “thoughtfully-sourced steaks [, and] seafood”.

When here, I ordered the Mahogany Burger. According to the menu, it includes yellow cheddar, Applewood bacon, crispy onion straws, BBQ sauce, a toasted brioche bun, and of course a side of fries. In the past, I haven’t been a fan of hamburgers. But I have to admit that over this summer, I have started to figure out why many people find burgers so enjoyable! And it’s a combination of things: the bun, the patty, and the toppings. This comes to form the acronym BPT.

The bun plays one of the largest roles. Picture a burger you would order from McDonalds or Wendy’s; specifically the bun. That shriveled, squashed, and soggy mess of a bun is exactly what NOT to want. The bun of the Mahogany Burger is honestly the complete opposite. It’s fluffy and perfectly toasted, so much in fact that when you go in for that first bite, you hear that satisfying crunch. Next, the burger patty, which isn’t necessarily too difficult to get right, but can still impact the overall taste of the burger. You don’t want it to be too raw, but not overcooked either. This is why I usually stick with the classic medium well doneness. The Mahogany Grill gives their burger a nice medium well finish, while also keeping the patty tender and firm. Now the last, and most important, category is the toppings. Toppings – in my opinion – are what make or break a burger. Both the bun and the patty could live up to my standards, but if the toppings don’t properly compliment each other, the burger will just simply suck. But, the Mahogany Burger did live up to all three of these standards. The cheese was melted nicely, in a way that was gooey and flavorful, yet not stringy when you bit into the burger. The Applewood bacon was cooked perfectly as well. Nice crispy edges, with a softer, and fattier inside. Lastly, the onion straws were nice and crunchy (as promised), while also being flavorful. Another aspect of these onion straws that I enjoyed was the fact that even though they were thin and crispy, when biting into it, you still got a piece of that soft, stringy onion. Lastly, the fries that the Mahogany Grill had to offer were quite thick, as well as salty, making them absolutely delicious.

Overall, I really did enjoy this meal. The only thing that I would adjust are the sauce options. The only sauce given for the burger was the barbecue sauce. As someone who isn’t much of a fan of barbecue sauce, I would’ve enjoyed another sauce option. I do admit that the burger tasted fine sauce-less, but I am one to experiment with sauces, so I would’ve liked something a bit more adventurous.

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