Review: Tiny Tom Donuts at Canada’s Wonderland

Every time my family and I travel to Canada, we always make sure to follow through on our tradition and go to Canada’s Wonderland. Canada’s Wonderland “is a… theme park located in Vaughan, Ontario… [and] as the first major theme park in Canada, it remains the country’s largest.” Aside from all the crazy rollercoaster attractions at this amusement park, Canada’s Wonderland also has an assortment of fun snacks available to the guests. This includes funnel cake, popcorn, Dairy Queen, and even a Starbucks! One fun snack that we hadn’t discovered until our recent trip here, were Tiny Tom Donuts.

Tiny Tom Donuts are essentially mini donuts. They make the donuts, and put them in a baggie. Then, you have the option of what flavor you would like. Flavors include apple and cinnamon plain cinnamon, or icing sugar. The flavors come in a powder that they sprinkle on the donuts while they’re in the baggie. Then when you go to eat them, the donuts are coated with the flavoring. The donuts come in packs of 8 or 12. The 8-pack costs $3 Canadian dollars (which translates to about $2.40 USD), and the 12-pack costs $4 Canadian dollars (around $3.20 USD).

When my mom and I discovered the Canada’s Wonderland location of Tiny Tom Donuts, we were instantly intrigued. We were also looking for a snack, and this line happened to be the shortest. Once it was time to order, we decided to go with one dozen of cinnamon, and another dozen of icing sugar. I can’t even express how amazing it smelled. By the time we got to eat it, though, the donuts weren’t as warm and fragrant as they were when we bought them. But this is most likely because we waited about twenty to thirty minutes so that we could eat them in the car as we drove back to my grandparent’s house. Aside from this, the donuts were very soft and delicious, especially with the flavorings. Out of the two that we got, my favorite was the cinnamon. Unlike the icing sugar, the cinnamon stuck to the donuts better, and overall matched more with the taste of the donut.

If you’re in Ontario, Canada, please make sure to check out Tiny Tom Donuts. Make sure to check out their main store and its other locations, as well as their stand in Canada’s Wonderland.

Tiny Tom Donuts website link:

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