Review: St. Louis Bar & Grill

On our long trip back to Toronto, Ontario from Wasaga, Ontario, my mom, grandpa, and I decided to stop for food at the St. Louis Bar & Grill. This Canadian franchise is known as “one of the most highly recognized, widely respected 100% Canadian restaurant… brands”. They have over 75 locations, and host annual fundraising events for autism schools. Clearly, aside from having good food, they also have good values and a strong brand.

When we arrived to the Wasaga location, we were seated quickly and were able to pick out our drinks. St. Louis has a large selection of drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. I did notice, though, that the menu they have displayed on their website doesn’t show some of the fancier beverage options that their in-person menu had available. On the day that we went, the restaurant was understaffed and their dishwasher was having some complications, so our drinks took almost half an hour to be served! A similar experience occurred regarding our food. It took an entire hour for us to get what we had ordered. Though it was a a bit unpleasant waiting for such a long time, I wasn’t disappointed with the food I had ordered.

I ordered the St. Louis Nachos. Yes, I do admit that this was an appetizer, but I couldn’t resist a good set of nachos! According to the menu, this starter consisted of “seasoned tortilla chips topped with a shredded cheese blend, tomatoes, green onions, fresh salsa and jalapenos”. It’s also served with sour cream. According to the menu, you could also add your choice of meat. I have to say, I was not expecting such a large amount of nachos. It was very delicious! There was the perfect amount of each topping, and the cheese was nicely distributed on the nachos. But the plate was so large that I couldn’t even finish it! I resisted bringing the rest home because I knew it was going to get soggy, but I did really enjoy it.

Here’s the link to the St. Louis Bar & Grill website:

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