Review: Kelsey’s Original Roadhouse

When in Canada, it’s a tradition for my family and I to eat at least one meal at Kelsey’s Original Roadhouse. In 1978, the first ever Kelsey’s opened in Oakville, Ontario. Today, they continue to serve “100% fresh ground Canadian chuck burgers, handmade chicken fingers and fries”. Coming to Kelsey’s is one of the most coveted parts of our entire trip, so I thought it would be fitting to try some menu items that I’ve never had before.

As an appetizer, we chose the Half Flat Pan Nachos (as a nacho lover, it’s extremely hard to resist nachos when they’re an option). These nachos included “tortilla chips covered with three cheeses, fresh Roma tomatoes, onions and jalapenos” and are also served with salsa and sour cream. These nachos were very delicious, and I enjoyed the amount of each topping that was put. Not only did I enjoy them, but my parents found them very tasty as well! The three of us easily finished the plate. Though it wasn’t anything unique, this is something I would definitely order again the next time I go to Kelsey’s.

For the entrée, I ordered The Mushroom Melter. According to the menu it has “100% Fresh Canadian ground chuck patties double stacked with roasted mushrooms, Swiss and Cheddar cheese, double smoked bacon, [and] crispy onion strings”. Honestly, I had very high hopes for this burger, and it didn’t live up to my expectations. I’m not sure if I was too full from the nachos, but I found the burger to be very filling to the point where I could only take a few bites before being completely stuffed. I think the double patties were at fault, so I would’ve preferred only one patty. I also think that the burger was very flavorless. The toppings were not very adventurous, which in my eyes made the burger pretty basic and not unique in any way.

Usually I’m very pleased with Kelsey’s, but this time I didn’t find anything too unique. I do think that that Kelsey’s sometimes has a few hidden gems in their meal options, so I would still recommend trying them out if you’re ever in Canada.

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