Review – The Heights Restaurant and H Bar

During our trip to Ithaca, New York over Mother’s Day weekend, my dad had scoured the list of local restaurants to try and find the perfect place to take my mom on Mother’s Day. He eventually decided on The Heights Restaurant and H Bar, whose menu consists of “Mediterranean-inspired American cuisine”.

After taking my time to assess the menu, I finally settled on the Apple and Goat Cheese Pizza. This pizza included caramelized onions, broccoli, plum tomato, garlic, mozzarella, and balsamic drizzle. It didn’t take long for me to realize that this pizza was honestly an incredible take on one of the worlds most prominent dishes. I found that the caramelized onions and apple gave the pizza that sweet flavor that it needed, while being nicely balanced by the strong flavor of the goat cheese. But at the same time, the small pieces of the broccoli neutralized the flavors to make sure that none were too overpowering. This pizza was one of the best I’ve had in a while, and I really appreciated the unique use of toppings. Typically when you think of broccoli on pizza, it doesn’t sound very appealing. But on this pizza, the way it meshed with the other toppings and flavors made it a staple ingredient in the meal. I also think that it was priced pretty fairly at $25 USD.

Instead of ordering separate meals, my parents ordered the Heights Signature Hand Cut Steak, priced at market price. The piece that they ended up getting was the T-Bone. It was cooked evenly, and was served with a baked potato and their House Steak Sauce. Since I never usually eat this type of steak, it was definitely an exciting change for me, and I enjoyed it. The steak was tasty, and tender, and had a great flavor.

For dessert, we had the Heights Signature Chocolate Cake, however, it was more of a chocolate lava cake. The chocolate sauce was served with vanilla ice cream, and with two “chocolate balls” on the side. This lava cake was so delicious. The flavor of the chocolate was sweet, but just the right amount so that you weren’t overpowered by the sweetness. And the vanilla ice cream was the perfect touch, since it pleasantly balanced out the warmth of the chocolate sauce. Overall, it was absolutely amazing, and priced so affordably for the quality of it. The only aspect of it that I didn’t love were the chocolate balls on the side. I found that they didn’t really do much for the dish, and weren’t as tasty as I had expected them to be.

Overall, I found that The Heights Restaurant and H Bar was a great option for a more formal dining experience. They took more classic dishes, and elevated them to an exceptional level! I was really impressed, and would honestly come back next time I’m in Ithaca for a special occasion.

Feel free to check out their website:

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