Review – Twenty/20 Taphouse


A few weeks ago, my friend had her conformation, and her family had booked a reservation for the party at the Twenty/20 Taphouse; a restaurant “with a new menu featuring tons of apps, burgers, entrees & full-service bar”. Its “menu appeals to a wide range of tastes”, and it’s located in Somerset, New Jersey. When looking through their menu, it is quite apparent that they serve a variety of foods, including soups, calzones, burgers, and entrees with flavors derived from different cultures.

The Taphouse Signature

Though I now wish I had chosen something more exciting and exotic from the menu, at the time I had settled on the Taphouse Signature. The Taphouse Signature is a burger that includes bacon, smoked gouda, BBQ sauce, onion straws, an over easy egg, and a side of fries. To be honest, though it was a safe choice, it was still pretty unique. I found that the combination of the egg, bacon, and smoked gouda really gave it a nice touch that separated it from the other burgers. The only thing is that though the egg and smoked gouda worked well together, it definitely toned down the flavor, and dulled it out to the point that the burger wasn’t as exciting or flavorful as it could’ve been. I think perhaps the egg was included in the burger to try to give it a bolder taste, but the addition of the egg didn’t really do too much to enhance the burger. I think the fries definitely saved the burger a little bit. They were the perfect balance of soft and crispy, and were adequately salty enough.

Overall, I did enjoy the burger and fries, but I wish I had gotten something more exciting. Some of the other options that caught my eye were the Steakhouse Burger, the Tacos, and the Ultimate Mac & Cheese. I think I might’ve enjoyed those a bit more.

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