Review: Poke Mahi & Fresca Bowl

Over the weekend, my family and I walked through the college-town of Princeton, and stumbled upon a small poke bowl and acai bowl place. In the past, I’ve noticed that places like these typically don’t have much to offer that isn’t nut-free. So I went inside hesitantly, but still hoping for the best. In terms of acai bowl selections, there are 19 pre-created bowls, only 6 of them are nut-free. But there’s also the option of making your own bowl. For the poke bowl options, there are 6 pre-created bowls, and again, the option of creating your own bowl.

“poke mahi & fresca bowl” – made my own bowl (with sushi rice, edamame, shrimps, seaweed, avocado, crispy onions, and sesame seeds)

For my order, I created my own poke bowl with sushi rice, edamame, shrimps, seaweed, avocado, crispy onions, and sesame seeds, drizzled with a chipotle aioli sauce. I really enjoyed this poke bowl. I found that everything tasted really fresh, and delicious, and all the ingredients in the bowl paired nicely together. The only suggestion I would make is in regards to the protein sizes. In each bowl, you must choose one protein source (shrimp, salmon, tuna, pork ribs, tofu, and more). You also have to choose the size of the bowl that you would like; I chose a small, and found that it was just enough. But each bowl size has different amounts of protein. For a small shrimp bowl, there are only three shrimps. I because of this, I ended up running out of shrimps really quickly, so I would’ve honestly preferred around five shrimps in my bowl. Next time, I also think that I would add a few more things to my bowl. For example, I would add mango and cucumbers. But I would also maybe try swapping out the shrimps for the pork ribs with gochujang sauce.

Overall, I really enjoyed this poke bowl. And though I would’ve appreciated different protein portion sizes, I was amazed by the quality of the food, and by how fresh it was, and I highly recommend you check them out at

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