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Mulberry Tea House

Mulberry Tea House Address: 415 Westfield Ave, Westfield NJ 07090 AKT Rating: 4 WOWS! Tea Selection: 5 WOWS! Scones: 5 WOWS! Finger Sandwiches: 4 WOWS! Pastries: 4 WOWS! Fine China: 4 WOWS! Menu Variety: 4 WOWS! Ambiance: 4 WOWS! Price: PRICED FAIRLY! Last weekend, my family and I went to the Mulberry Tea House for

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Review: Afternoon Tea at the Princeton Peacock Inn

The Peacock Inn Address: 20 Bayard Ln, Princeton, NJ 08540 AKT Rating: 4 WOWS! Tea Selection: 3 WOWS! Scones: 4 WOWS! Finger Sandwiches: 5 WOWS! Pastries: 4 WOWS! Fine China: 4 WOWS! Menu Variety: 3 WOWS! Ambience: 5 WOWS! Price: PRICED FAIRLY! Today, my family and I went to the Peacock Inn for Mothers Day. It was absolutely amazing, from the food to the waiters! The

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Review: Teaberry’s Tea Room

Teaberry’s Address: 2 Main Street, Flemington, NJ AKT Rating: 4 WOWS! Tea Selection: 4 WOWS! Scones: 4 WOWS! Finger Sandwiches: 4 WOWS! Pastries: 4 WOWS! Fine China: 5 WOWS! Menu Variety: 5 WOWS! Ambience: 5 WOWS! Price: PRICED FAIRLY! My family and I recently went to Teaberry’s to enjoy a new Afternoon Tea experience. The selection of tea is amazing and there are so many different and unique flavors to

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